To the Board of Directors and Volunteers of the Pet Patrol

I humbly offer my most heartfelt appreciation, as does my dog.  Over the last year you have been most helpful in the kindest and least obtrusive manner possible.  Each month when I give my buddy her heartworm preventative I give a silent thank you to those who support you and those that make what you do possible.  Your help is a life’s blessing

 We thank you, 

Signed, the name of the Pet Patrol clients (both human and pet)
Enclosed was a small photograph of the dog and owner.  The owner is an elderly man challenged by heart disease

Volunteer Information/Interests
How you can help

Wish list

Skills Services Needed

Volunteer Application


Dry & can dog food           - 


Dry & can cat food           - 

      Cash donations

Veterinary services            -


Event location hosts           -

Storage space

Flea prevention medicine   -

Pet treats

Booths at local events        -

Cat litter

Pet store gift certificates     -

Dog Shampoo

                                            Heartworm prevention medicine


Pet Patrol clients need transportation to and from pet-related appointments. We also need individuals with vehicles who can pick up donated pet food and supplies.

Do you have one of the following:                          Truck           Car

Is this vehicle registered and insured:                    Yes             No

      Pet Food Delivery                                                 Driver           Rider 

Pet-Related Services

In home care and dog-walking:

 Cats   Dogs (large) Dogs (small)

Foster Care: Housing pets in your home for up to 30 days.
  Cats      Dogs (large)    Dogs (small)

Professional Services

Are you interested or skilled in any of the following? Check all of interest:

Fundraising and Public Relations, including:
   Corporate Donors         Grant writing                 Media                        Product Donation
  Education Services     Letter writing               Fundraising Events      Outreach (fairs/tables)

Office Support Functions, including:
   Computer Technology              Client Intakes                      
   Word processing                     Data entry                           

Creative Project Work, including:
   Animal grooming          Graphic design            Photography                Writing
   Editing/proofing           Illustration                   Newsletter design    
Special Areas of Interest, such as:

  Board member             Veterinary services      Product donation   
   Pet shop liaison          Volunteer liaison          Other_________________________________


Are you available for:     Regular assignment       On-call

Best available times are:
MORNING:           Mon     Tues     Wed     Thur     Fri     Sat     Sun
   Mon     Tues     Wed     Thur     Fri     Sat     Sun
   Mon     Tues     Wed     Thur    Fri     Sat     Sun


Donations can be made by check and mailed to:
The Pet Patrol
 1809 West 14 1/2 Street
Houston, TX 77008
Credit card donations can be made by e-mailing us your telephone number and we will call back to get the credit card information. Email us at

or Call Maribel Knott at 281-733-7696

Name: Today's Date:

Phone: E-mail: 


Volunteer Application in pdf form
Please complete and
E-mail to:
or regular mail to :
Pet Patrol, A People Pet Partnership
1809 West 14th 1/2 Street
Houston, TX 77008

Pet Patrol is a 501(c) (3) and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.