I love my dog and I am a good pet owner.  I just don’t have as much money as I did before I got sick.  I don’t know what my dog and I would have done without you.”

Quote from an HIV+ man after his dog was diagnosed with an infection that was painful and relatively easy to treat. The client lives on $730 a month.  The Pet Patrol’s cost for treating the infection and providing medication was $50.00 after the vet discounted $40.00 and the cost of the office visit.


About Pet Patrol


Description of Services Provided by Pet Patrol, A People, Pet Partnership
  • Free pet food and supplies.
  • Free food delivery
  • Free basic veterinary care such as annual immunizations, vaccinations, and flea control.
  • Free foster care for the animals in the event the owner goes into the hospital.
  • Health and educational information, including "safe pet" guidelines to pet owners.
  • Free transportation to and from veterinary clinics.
  • Works with businesses in the community to provide free grooming.
  • Informs the community about the healing benefits of pet ownership
  • Spaying & neutering procedures paid for.


·         Any resident of Houston who is able to present a letter confirming a terminal illness (AIDS, cancer, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, diabetes) diagnosis or elderly shut-in and proof of low-income status is eligible to be a client.  The income must be $1,460 per month or lower (couples combined $1,900 or less).
·         Once a client no longer has the animal companions with whom he/she registered at the  intake, that person will no longer be considered a PPP client. If new animals are acquired, that person must proceed through the regular intake process to be considered as a client.
·         Each client will receive assistance for up to two animals only. Ongoing assistance will be provided for these animals for as long as possible.
·         PP will not cover any additional animals that may be added to a client's household. Our mission is to help people keep their animals--not to assist people in getting new animals.
·         Except for rare cases in which the animal's health prohibits surgery, all PP animals must be spayed or neutered before they can be activated as a client. If an animal has not been spayed or neutered at the time of client intake, the companion animal will be spayed/neutered within ninety (90) days.
·         Due to potential health hazards for our clients, PPP will not cover any animals that are under nine months of age. Reptiles, wildlife, amphibians, primates, ferrets or other animals that pose significant health risks will also be exempt from coverage.
Annual Certification
·         An annual recertification will take place to ensure that all clients are still eligible to receive services.

AIDS Foundation Houston

Bering Omega Community Services    

Elder Services Providers’ Network

Harris County Animal Control

Neighborhood Centers Inc.

Sheltering Arms Senior Services


Texas Dept. of Aging & Disability Services

United Way Gatekeeper Program

Maribel Knott
Phone Number:  281-733-7696



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